Table of Contents

Chapter One - Concepts in Cello Teaching

  • Philosophical Pillars
  • What is A Suzuki Teacher?  (By Christopher Gross)
  • Attributes of a Successful Teacher
  • Skills of a Successful Teacher
  • The What and Why of Starting Out Correctly
  • The Magic Circle
  • The Learning Graph
  • Sound Concepts for the Beginning Student

Chapter Two - Teaching and Learning

  • The Evolution of Skill
  • The Four Stages of Learning
  • Learning Styles and Communication
  • Exploring Teacher - Parent Relationships:  Teaching Parents as Partners
  • Recital Tips for Teachers
  • Studio Setup Tips
  • Teaching the Child, Not the Cello - Pragmatic Life Skills Taught in Cellos Lessons
  • Nurturing Balance
  • The Concept of Review

Chapter Three - Bodies

  • The Concept of Evolutionary Cello Position
  • All Shapes and Sizes - Matching Human and Cello Proportions
  • Considering Bow and Right Had Proportions
  • Energy Flow and Re-Balance Basics
  • Cello Axes Summary
  • Classic Cello Body Distortions and Solutions

Chapter Four - Early Setup and Practice

  • Components of Early Cello Lessons and Home Practice
  • Cello Basics - an Aid to Parents and Teacher
  • Cello and Body Basics
  • The Bow Hand Balance
  • Left Hand Balance and Setup
  • Linguistic Support Ideas for Tone Production
  • A Few Techniques and Concepts for Practice

Chapter  Five - Teaching Early Technique

  • Teaching Advanced Technique to Beginning Cellists
  • Early Articulation Studies
  • Preparing Shifting and Extensions

Chapter Six - Cello Group Class

  • Nurturing Leadership in Group Class
  • Concepts in Cello Group Class Planning
  • Checklist for Group Class Success
  • One Point Teaching and Flow:  Balance in Private Lessons and Group Classes
  • Ideas for Pre - Twinkle Group Classes
  • Specific Group Class Activities
  • A Compilation of Group Class Ideas from Everywhere

Chapter Seven - Vibrato Development - A Progressive Plan

  • Overall Points to Remember
  • Eight Weeks to Optimum Vibrato Health

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